The History of the Lentz Family

from Norden


The story of my ancestors

The first generation are my parents, their brothers, sisters and in-laws, which will not be included in this web site, as most of them are still living. Thus, my genealogical research commences with the generation of my grandparents, i.e. the 2nd generation of parents as well as their siblings and in-laws.

My agnate ancestors can be traced as follows:




Ref. ID



Jakob Willms Lentz



Great Grand

Conrad Andreas Lentz



2X Great Grand

Albert Luitjens Lentz



3X Great Grand

Conrad Lenz



4X Great Grand

Heinrich Lenz






The trail of my agnate ancestors went cold in Kassel due to the damages of World War II causing the loss of historical records. The only remaining source is an archive of a local news paper which did report about churchly events. It appears, however, that Heinrich Lenz [K1x] did not stem from a local family. Instead, it is more likely, that his parents had been immigrants from other, not too distant areas of germany, who had been attracted by the growing economy, that did evolve in Kassel under the regency of King Friedrich II.  from Preussen. The town had a stately palace, proud soldiery, well-heeled administration, growing tourism, booming trading and various factories, that did attract workes from far away. There are some hints, that did serve as a basis for assumption about the origins. From the 6. generation on, however, all data are confirmed.

On the other side of my great grand mothers the traces can be followed into the 27. generation into the family von der Hude of Bremen. A source for speculation is a ring which was found in the inheritance of my great grand father, which did include a coat of arms from a very old noble family..

While my maternal ancestors had been farmes to the core, the paternal trail runs through towns, where my ancestors had been dressmakers, landlords and tradesmen. There is some sort of addiction to nobility within the families, even though no relation to any noble family could be confirmed - so far.

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