Welcome to my private website.

This site contains findings of my genealogical research.

It also presents some pictures that I would like to share.


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Moin, Moin!

At present, this website is evolving because 1) it is a translation of my german website and 2) I’m digging quite deep down the roots of my ancestors. So please keep being curious and watch my family tree growing while enjoying the shots that I am taking with my camera in between. To the right there is a photo of the famous windmills of Greetsiel and another of a very relaxing place at the Lake Constance.

By the way, “Moin, Moin” is a greeting that is being used in my homeland of East Frisia (Ostfriesland) all day long. Actually, when we meet we say “Moin” just once. East frisian men are known to be extremely economic in their use of speech, i.e. they don’t talk too much.

On the other end of a visit or meeting, i.e. when we seperate again, we say “Tschuess” each time. You would probably say “Hi” or “Hello” and “Bye”.

Therefore, until next time, I say



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